Sustainable Consumption and Production in Fashion

The world we see may look to have plenty of resources for every human being, but these resources are not endless. Mankind has used these resources for a long time, and there seems to be some constraints and limits to growth and development due to the large disparity in the distribution of these resources.


Valuing Social and Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is the foundation of economic stability, physical and mental health, and social cohesion. Access to safe and secure housing is a basic human right and need, and the associated social inclusion is now broadly recognized as an integral element to ensuring a sustainable built environment.


Value Drivers and Considerations for Hotel Valuation

Much has changed in the appraisal industry in the past 30 years, and hotels are no longer considered just pieces of real estate. While hotels are a business and as such may be appraised as any other business would be, there are some distinguishing factors that valuation experts need to seriously consider.