Los Angeles, United States

Initial Investment:
10,000,000.00 $
Investment Category


We are looking for Equity Partners willing to contribute capital into Diversified Real Estate Projects in the city of Los Angeles with projected returns in the high teens (16% to 19% IRR).

The general focus of the company is on three value-add investment categories:

subsidized affordable housing projects within the working class, core city neighborhoods
⎆ re-development projects in stable, upper middle-class neighborhoods next to major public transit lines
⎆ value added re-development office and street retail projects within a+ communities


⎆ estimated investment capital is approximately $10,000,000 to $50,000,000 per project
⎆ projected capital deployment capability is approximately $10,000,000 to $100,000,000 per year
⎆ multiple investors participation is welcome

Disclaimer: Investment size is directly relevant to active real estate offers, and is subject to change.


⎆ solid investment in affordable housing within a stable, high demand market with significant housing shortage
⎆ returns of approximately 60% to 100% of the originally invested capital within two years of initial investment
⎆ once the 8% preferred return of capital is paid, general partner participates on a 50/50 basis
⎆ estimated mid to high teens IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
⎆ each project will be held under a separate LLC, unless agreed to otherwise
⎆ investor will have a direct ownership of the assets, based on investor's share of contributed capital
⎆ general partner and/or its affiliates will invest their own funds in all projects
⎆ general partner will act as a carve-out guarantor for non-recourse loans
⎆ general partner will provide a personal guarantee if necessary
⎆ the company has developed a unique investment strategy system


Our team has a vast, hands-on experience in property operations, asset management, financing, acquisitions, repositioning, and value-added strategies.
During the last ten years, the team successfully executed numerous multifamily projects.


⎆ exclusively offered to qualified accredited investors
⎆ international investors are welcome